Intellectual Outputs in the project

We would like to encourage to enter “Download” section and check all the documents and materials that have been made by our international experts from every partner’s organisations.

Especially we want to recommend first link to Intellectual Outputs from “Discovering chances – chance for the future” project. These are:

  1. O1 – Detailed project strategy

Developing a strategy and methodology for researches used in the partner countries for diagnostics of professional aptitude.

  1. O2 – Theoretical research phase summary

Based on the discussions and evidences presented by the experts, other guests and members of partner organizations there will be selected range of tools for the diagnosis of social and technical aptitudes.

  1. O3 – Project implementation strategy

The strategy will define the individual tasks of each of the partners within theirs organization. Each partner will have the task to test some of the tools and then to develop the results.

  1. O4 – Meeting summarizing practical part of the project

The development of aggregate results of the tests of previously selected tool

  1. O5 – Final publication

The publication will present the final results of the project.

All these documents you can find in english, polish or in all other partner’s languages (german, spanish, greek and turkish). These outputs ale free of charge and to public (so called “open license).

“Discovering chances – chance for the future” project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme – Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships